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Long Island, a Caribbean Hideaway

Cape Santa Maria Two contrasting coastlines make Long Island one of the most scenic Out Island destinations while the western coast has soft sandy beaches, the eastern side falls down to the ocean in dramatic rocky cliffs and private coves with hidden shell beaches. Never more than 4 miles wide, Long Island, one of Columbus' stopping places, lives up to its name; its Queen Highway runs for close to 80 miles, through some 35 settlements and farming towns where you'll find a small place to stop and eat delicious local dishes made from fresh fish and conch. The scenery on the road changes from old buildings surrounded by stone walls and shallow bays on the west coast to rugged headlands that drop off suddenly to the sea on the east coast.

The northern end of the island has sea cliffs unique to The Bahamas. Columbus named the island's northern tip Cape Santa Maria, in honor of one of his ships. The area has truly stunning beaches in fact Cape Santa Maria has one of the worlds top ten beaches. Columbus Point, located 1/2 mile north of the primary beach resort in Cape Santa Maria, offers a tremendous view of the protected harbour Columbus sailed into, as well as a monument and plaque commemorating his landing. Stella Maris, which means Star of the Sea, is another primary resort area on Long Island. It is located 12 miles south of Cape Santa Maria. Visitors headed to either Cape Santa Maria or Stella Maris should fly into the Stella Maris International Airport.

Long island Regatta salt pond Long Island's biggest event is the annual Long Island Sailing Regatta, featuring Bahamian made boats. It is held in Salt Pond in May or June and attracts contestants from all over The Islands of The Bahamas. This is quite an event to attend Bahamian folk music and dancing is available and fresh island dishes are served. The feeling on this island is one of a time gone by, the way the northern Bahamas was some 25 years ago. Long island has enjoyed electricity and a good main road only for a short time and this may have prevented this island from developing. But it appears to be a blessing in disguise, perhaps this has allowed the area to retain it's old world charm.


160 miles southeast of Nassau


Long island Beaches, The Long Island Regatta, Cartwright's Cave, Shark Reef to watch a scuba master feed sharks, glass bottom boat cruises, Columbus Point, Dean's Blue Hole, Historic Churches, Plantation ruins.


Surfing, Swimming, diving / snorkeling, fishing, boating, windsurfing, sailing, water-skiing, hiking, biking,tennis, sightseeing by airplane, kayaking, Exploring caves.


Straw markets, a few shops and a pottery studio in Deadman's Cay